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Is investing in crypto is your best choice to make? Or are you at risk of losing your investment? Secure your future through investing in crypto? Is crypto or any digital asset is better than physical or stable assets for securing your future? These and many other questions confuse people to invest in crypto or hold it.

Well! If you are a proponent, you will see endless potential in crypto assets but if you are against the whole concept, your brain will alarm the risks only. However, it depends upon your knowledge, your patience, and your belief. But the foremost dependency is your holding capacity. No one can tell you which trade is better or which is not unless you get complete knowledge of the trade. You have to do complete research #DYOR for #HODL.

There are multiple applications and software where you can invest and hold crypto assets. In past, the unpredictable, surprising, and shocking rise and fall of the market where enhance the eager greed of the people where it threatens many others about its future.

For instance, imagine you are investing your life savings in crypto-assets, and at the very next day, the savings are less than half or even a quarter of the actual amount. What will be your response? You will regret the moment you decide to invest in crypto. Is this though bring too much negativity?

 Well! No worries, let’s re-imagine things. You invest 100$ in cryptocurrency and forget for a year or two. One day, you accidentally open your digital wallet, and your joy is on the moon when your 100$ rises to 10000$. Isn’t it too fascinating? It is! But the point is in which crypto asset you should invest? For how much time and how much amount do you have to invest? Is it safe to keep all your assets in digital currency? It’s a long and never-ending debate for sure. But one thing we can predict and suggest with surety is that when investing in the digital currency you have to keep in mind certain factors.

  • You are not buying any coin at its ATH (All-Time High price). #FOMO
  • Secondly, you must avoid investing in shit coins without any blockchain (every cryptocurrency is processed, recorded, and verified through a ledger) or concept.
  • Thirdly, never buy at one price. Always buy at different rates to average your buying cost. It will minimize the risk factor. For instance, if you have bought LTC at 141 USDT, then at 145 USDT, after some time the bearish cycle started, and you bought it at about 95 and 101 USDT, it will average your overall buying cost and maximize your profit.
  • Fourthly, there is a rule that never sells your assets in loss, has patience and HODL.
  • Fifthly, always do research upon the coin, and if any news is coming about it look into it and invest wisely at right time. Otherwise, you can lose all your asset by investing in the right coin at the wrong time. Most importantly, if you are trapped in such a situation never lose patience or start panic selling.

It’s a long debate, and a series of never-ending questions can put you in a confusing situation. Therefore, cut the conversation and conclude that you can invest in the digital world as per your choice, but you must have to consider all the risk factors you may get through. One important tip is that whenever you are in profit, never enhance your greed and sell it at gradually. Take out your initial investment and play with the profit. Buy something in the physical world like investing in real estate, gold, or any other thing. In this way, you can minimize your risk factor and maximize the profit.

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