The hospitality of the people, the mesmerizing beauty, heart-touching sites, and ever remembering scenery with several UNESCO sites are attention-grabbing for tourists worldwide. 

The mesmerizing beauty, breathless scenery, and unique peoples excite tourists worldwide. Several countries are famous for their endless beauty. Pakistan is one of them. Unfortunately, the history and myths about the government are not very pleasing and welcoming for the tourists. However, with time, the world changes its point of view and appreciates the approach Pakistan adopt from “Terrorism” to “Tourism.” The borders are open to welcome you all the time.

 There are many facts about Pakistan which you should know. Unfortunately, I am unable to compile all of them, but surely, the article will help you understand the actual and positive image of the Country. So, here are some of the helpful facts about the Country.

1- Breathless Mountains: 

Do you know Pakistan is one of those countries that own the most beautiful and breathless mountain ranges globally? The second highest Peak K2 is in the same Country. These ranges hold endless beauty and mesmerizing art in themselves. Moreover, it attracts tourists worldwide and encourages bloggers and travel bloggers. The improved security situations and welcoming tourist approach open the gateway to adventure for many. 

 With every passing year, the number of explorers increases, and beauty win hearts. Everything is mesmerizing, whether it’s Karakoram ranges, highest mountains, beautiful ascending pathways, descending rivers, or fairy meadows. Further, the highest polo ground and ATM facility is also a feather in Pakistan’s cap. Unlimited adventure from the beach of Gwadar (Balochistan) to Peaks of Karakoram (KPK), the beauty of Kashmir to Cultural sites of Lahore, the heritage of Multan to the oldest civilization of Harrapa, everything is an art in itself. These are nature’s bestowed beauties to the Country that are irresistible. 

2- Salt Mines: 

The beauty and the natural resources are also present in abundant quantities in Pakistan. It is, indeed, the State that hosts the second largest salt mine in the world. The great salt mines with appealing views are best to capture a memorizing moment. The best place to explore, visit, and connect with nature is the Khewra mines. 

 It is present north of Pind Dadan Khan, Jehlum District of Punjab Province. Tourists and visitors can walk inside the caves and explore the beautiful artifacts and cultural crafts made up of salts. The most exciting part is that the salt mine remains open throughout the year for tourists, and many tourists come to explore the beauty. 

3- Largest Football producers:

 Do you know Pakistan is the largest football-producing Country in the world? An estimated figure of almost 55% of footballs is produced by a single city of Pakistan, Sialkot. In addition, FIFA world cup official match football suppliers are from the same town. 

 The city of famous Eastern Poet Iqbal is the home of almost 1000 football-producing factories in which nearly 60000 people are employed. 

4- Largest volunteer ambulance services:

Edhi Foundation, founded by Abdul Sattar Edhi, is the world’s largest volunteer ambulance service awarded by the Guinness Book of World Records. They operate the largest network of ambulances, with almost 1500 operating ambulances in the Country free of cost 24/7. The non-profit social welfare organization works in several other countries, including Canada, the US, Japan, and the UK. 

 The Guinness award of “largest volunteer ambulance organization” is also a feather in Pakistan’s cap that depicts the soft-heartedness of the people. The organization also bears an air ambulance to rescue and provide first aid to far-flung areas of the Country.

5- Highest Roads in the World:

The beautiful roads pass beautifully through the mountains, and ascending peaks are a gift to the eyes. The eye-catching sights and heart-touching views are heart-warming. Pakistan once again got led to others in this matter. Astonishingly, It is the land where fairies land. The highest paved international road is also in Pakistan in Karakoram Highway. Also, the road supports the transportation of thousands of tons of import-export between Pakistan and China.

It is running between the Himalayas, Karakoram, and Pamir mountains and soothes viewers’ eyes. The elevation of the roads with beautiful scenery and snow leopards gives goosebumps to adventurers.

6- Heart-winning Hospitality:

Recently, an American vlogger and Global-trotter enjoyed the natural beauty of Pakistan and appreciated the hospitality of the nation. Drew Binsky shares his experience is incredible and encourages many to pay a visit to the most hospitable nation in the world. The actual image of the people of Pakistan is that they are the most welcoming people. 

 You don’t even have to pay for the food, clothes, or other accessories. Of course, that does not mean everything is free there. However, the nation’s hospitality is remarkable, so they will not let you pay as you are their respectable guest. They will give you the warmth of home, the love of your friends, and the care like your family.

7- Mesmerizing Truck Art:

When we are talking about incredible facts and notable people of the nation, how can we leave behind the famous mesmerizing truck art of the Country? You will hardly find a truck with dull color schemes. They paint and decorate their truck and auto machines like a bride. The floral styles painted on the car imported from other countries change the complete look of the truck. It’s now the part of the culture to ornate their vehicles with beautiful artistic colors, designs and embellishes them with incredible decorative features.

I hope you like the facts about the Country, and please share your thoughts in the comment section to let us know what you think about the Country. 

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